Collector Photo Sets
Our Mission is to bring history to you with the help of others. These local collectors have graciously allowed us to present their collection online for all to view.

UPDATE - 11/11/2008
I am currently in the process of moving ALL of the photos over to a new web service which will make it easier to add photos ongoing. This will take me a few months to complete but keep checking back as I get them moved over to Flick.
Click the photo link above to view the completed photos in their new location. Many of the links on this website will not work correctly until this process is complete. Once I get these moved over, I have several hundered more new ones to add.
This is all voluntary on my part so I do what I can when I have time. Please drop me a line so I know how you like the site. bill@5lees.com

Bill Lee - Website Creator


A rare photo of the sky ferry that used to span the river in Sutersville, PA.

Leahetta Albright's Scrapbook
Many know of Leahetta G. Albright by her dedication to the preservation of South Huntingdon Township through many of her writings, books and documentation.

Who's Who, John McKetta
What happens when you cross Coal Mines, Wyano and Chemical Engineering? ...You find John J. McKetta Jr.

PHOTO UPDATE - 10 new photos added on 9/30/06

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